Corporate Sponsorship

St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity works with a wide variety of industries and corporate organizations to coordinate the construction of our Eco Village and other homes.  The construction opportunity build day projects provide opportunities for networking and relationship-building on an incredible scale.

Sponsorship Level $ Commitment # Build Days Volunteers Per Day
Full House Sponsor $35,000 7 Build Days/Blitz 30 volunteers
Half House Sponsor $25,000 3 Build Days 20 volunteers
Full Team-Build Sponsor $15,000 2 Build Day 30 volunteers
Half Team-Build Sponsor $7,500 1 Build Day 20 volunteers
Full ABWK Renovation Sponsor $10,000 5 Renovation Days 20-25 volunteers
Day ABWK Renovation Sponsor $5,000 3 Renovation Days 15-20 volunteers