Faith Relations

St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity brings individuals, families and communities together faith-basedto build affordable homes with those in need. Founded in Christian principles we welcome all people, regardless of religious preference or cultural background, to join us in bringing, safe, simple, affordable housing available in St. Croix and Pierce Counties.

Building on a Firm Foundation

The partnerships that St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity forms with faith communities are special because they represent a shared ministry — serving God’s people in need. As an ecumenical Christian ministry, St. Croix Valley Habitat’s first mission is to demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. St. Croix Valley Habitat welcomes all people, regardless of race, religious preference or background. By working together to provide safe, decent, affordable housing for deserving individuals and families, St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity gives tangible expression to God’s universal love. To read more about the biblical principles Habitat for Humanity is based on, click here.

Faith in Action

Partnering with St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity will make a difference! Lives will be changed and so will your congregation. Faith communities who currently collaborate with St. Croix Valley Habitat have found that these partnerships:

  • Provide an opportunity to put faith into action and see tangible results.
  • Lead many people to grow spiritually.
  • Unite and bond current congregation members and often attract new members.
  • Establish recognition and a positive identity in the community.
  • Direct contributions to local citizens through a respected nonprofit that spends 84 percent on program—as well as tithing to support builds in impoverished nations.

Partnership Opportunities

Faith communities of any size can partner with St Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity in a variety of ways:

  • Pray

    • Ask your congregation to pray for the ministry of St Croix Valley Habitat and its partner families. Templates for bulletin inserts are available upon request.
    • Lead prayers at ground blessings, build sites and house dedications.
    • Like Shepherd of the Valley Church, a major faith based Habitat supporter–set aside one day a year to draw attention to the need for safe, affordable, decent housing; your organization could continue to build a faithful group of supporters for the Habitat for Humanity mission. A St Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity representative could make a brief presentation to your congregation or could set up an information table to help raise awareness and answer questions to support this ministry.

  • Serve


    • Serve on a build site or work on our A Brush with Kindness program to Repair Home Exteriors. Click here for construction and non-construction opportunities.
    • Volunteer at St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore. ReStore sells new and used building materials, tools, appliances, furniture, and more.
    • Serve as a family or neighborhood advocate. Become a family partner or part of a family support group to assist and encourage new homeowners. Help clean up and make exterior repairs to neighboring houses.
    • Join the Faith Relations Committee or one of St. Croix Valley Habitat’s other committees.
    • Engage groups of children or young adults by collecting items for homeowners, building furniture and other items that St. Croix Valley Habitat can sell at ReStore, raising fundsfor the organization to build more homes with families. There are many ways youth can get involved with St. Croix Valley Habitat.
    • Join other Habitats for Building on Faith, a week each year dedicated to engaging faith communities in short-term service—this program is ideal for faith-based organizations.

  • Donate


    • Invite a St. Croix Valley Habitat representative to speak to your congregation or its leaders.
    • Display St. Croix Valley Habitat information in your church and at other ministry sites, such as a food pantry.
    • Allow St. Croix Valley Habitat to use meeting rooms or social halls for gatherings or events.
    • Donated goods and services are always needed—and appreciated. Donations are tax deductible.
    • As your ministry groups organize where funds will be distributed, pledge to donate unrestricted funds to St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity every year in April.
    • Sponsor a house by providing funding and labor. Your faith community can sponsor an entire house, join with other faith communities in a coalition sponsorship, or donate funds and labor for part of a house (such as roofing, landscaping, or painting). This may be done on a smaller scale with our Exterior Home Repair—A Brush with Kindness program.

As Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller often said, “It’s not just about building houses, it’s about helping to build God’s kingdom here on earth.” Discover what God, your faith community, and St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity can do together! For more information, contact our office at (715) 425-5623.