Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

NRI Mission & Goals

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) serves more families by responding to community aspirations with an expanded array of products, services and partnerships, empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life. The NRI was designed to work to transform neighborhoods using a holistic approach. Habitat affiliates are joining residents, nonprofits, businesses, local governments and communities of faith to create and implement a shared vision of revitalization in communities across the nation. NRI tailors work being done in each neighborhood to meet its specific needs. In partnership with community organizations and agencies, St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity can provide a wide array of services, such as:

  • New LEED Certified energy efficient home construction
  • Rehabilitation of vacant and foreclosed properties
  • Home repairs for existing low-income homeowners through A Brush with Kindness
  • Developer/development assistance for multi-income neighborhood planning

St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity is just one part of a community-wide solution. Collaboration with other local groups is an essential ingredient of the NRI. This includes:

  • Working with residents and other significant stakeholders in the community to develop a common plan of recovery and vision for the future
  • Forging both formal and informal partnerships and alliances at the local level
  • Joining or forming community coalitions
  • Rallying active neighborhood support
  • Advocating public policy for local housing initiatives