Homeowner Stories

In Their Own Words

Deb, Habitat Homeowner since 2009, writes: “Our family, had the amazing good fortune to be selected as a Habitat family in New Richmond.  We have three children with disabilities, and had been living in a rather small townhome for 7 years.  Our two youngest children were 12 and 13, and simple things like getting them in and out of the bathtub had become more and more challenging.  Because of our family’s circumstances, we have struggled financially through the years, and purchasing a home has always seemed out of reach for us. I do a lot of work with families with children with disabilities, and when Habitat contacted the New Richmond school system to seek families who may be interested in applying to partner with Habitat, we had three or four phone calls from different people within the district encouraging us to apply.  We filled out our application and then waited anxiously to hear from Habitat. When we got the letter letting us know that members of the Family Selection Committee wanted to come out and visit us, we were a little nervous and very excited. At our meeting, we were told where the new homes were going to be built in New Richmond, and we began driving by periodically and dreaming about how wonderful it would be if we had our own home. At the end of February, we got the call – we had been selected!!  We truly feel as if we have won the lottery…

Brittany, Habitat Family Member, writes: “When I heard that my mom had applied with Habitat, I thought it was a one in a million chance that we would ever be picked. All my life I’ve heard my mom say that all she ever wanted was a house of her own. So I prayed that we would get accepted by Habitat and that we would get a house. One day after school my mom called me and said that she had gotten a call from Habitat and that they were sending a few people over to talk and go over a few things. I was excited but I still had doubts about actually getting the house.  I thought that it was a big dream that probably wouldn’t come true…So the day that the Habitat people were supposed to arrive, my whole family was excited. The doorbell rang and my mom answered the door, with all of us crowding behind her. I saw a woman, and a man was following her.  I waited till I could see him and I realized that it was Pastor Mike.  I was in shock and I could tell that my family was feeling the same way. As soon as Pastor Mike and Carol left, we all started talking.  We were so surprised to see Pastor Mike and thought that being a part of Habitat was like a message from God telling us that this might actually be a dream come true. About a month later my mom’s phone started ringing and she started talking to someone. I was sitting at the table next to where she was. I heard her scream and start jumping up and down.  All I could see was my mom crying hysterically.  I ran and got my dad and my sister, I told them that I think that someone might have gotten into an accident. We all stood around my mom until she hung up the phone.  We were all asking her what happened?  She said “We got the house!!”  And started crying harder.  We were all so excited and started crying and hugging each other.  We were all in our pajamas, but we just had to go see the lot!  So we all jumped in the car and drove over to it.  It was a feeling I’ve never had before.  We all stared at the lot knowing that we would soon have our own house here and spend the rest of our lives here.  Me and my family are so grateful to be blessed with this help and the wonderful people surrounding us right here. So thank you to everyone who has made this possible and to everyone who will continue help us build our house and our future.”

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